vitamen from maxler: how to take vitamins, composition and reviews
VitaMen by Maxler
Maxler's VitaMen, a sports supplement based on minerals and vitamins, has become widespread and popular among athletes. It has a good balanced ratio of components and affordability. The complex is intended for men. The preparation contains everything that is needed for an athlete. It contains the entire set of essential minerals and vitamins, a complex of amino acids, digestive enzymes
jogging (jogging): the right technique, benefits and harms
Jogging is the key to health and longevity
Jogging or jogging is also known as seemingly unpresentable “shuffling run”. In this style, Soviet people tried to escape from a heart attack, excess weight and problems. In the USA, from the 70s of the last century, running either became fashionable or was declared almost the cause of all the troubles of the American nation. Th
first training program in the gym program
The first training program
Class schedule in the gym for beginners, which provides fast muscle growth The effectiveness of the “ 1 + 1 ” program is that it allows beginners to increase their muscle mass in a short time. Its essence is as follows: during training the loads are distributed on two halves of your body, that is, on the first day you use exercises for one half, then you relax for one day, the next day you exercise the other half of the body. Th
workout after 50 years, bodybuilding age
Training after 50 years
Bodybuilding is of interest not only to young people, but also to those who celebrated a significant half-century anniversary. Of course, it’s useful for everyone to visit the gym, but with age you need to pay much more attention to your health. To preserve and maintain themselves in great physical shape, strengthen the body, improve tone, but at the same time not harm health, people after fifty years need a special technique .
the history and evolution of bodybuilding
Bodybuilding history
Ever since the days of the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, a beautiful body with well-developed muscles enjoyed special attention among sculptors and painters. The cult of physical perfection and a beautiful body was already supported by the well-known weight training exercises to strengthen physical strength and muscles
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Biceps Barbell Lifting
Standing barbell lifting is available to everyone from beginners to professionals. It has remained a major movement for many people for decades. It is technically simple, can be performed with great weight, and even became a competitive movement. Yes, some people compete in this exercise, and even win international competitions
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How many sets and reps do the mass
Novice athletes are not always knowledgeable about which programs and types of training are most effective for gaining mass. Many beginners are looking for themselves and the answer to the question regarding what range of approaches and repetitions must be performed for mass recruitment. It does not make sense to independently establish any framework