calorie chart - bean
Calorie Table - Beans
The calorie table presents such products as: legumes. All data is indicated per 100 grams of product. Product Water Squirrels Fats Carbohydrates Kcal Beans 83 6 0.1 8.3 58 Peas 14 23 1, 6 57.7 323 Whole peas 14 23 1, 2 53.3 303 Soybean 12 34.9 17.3 26.5 395 Beans 14 22.3 1.7 54.5 309 Lentils 14 24.8 1, 1 53
endurance drugs on the run: tablets, drinks, foods
Running endurance drugs
The popularity and prevalence of running is due to the availability of this sports discipline not only among professional athletes, but also amateurs who want to keep themselves in good physical shape. The main key to the success of any run is endurance, which allows you to increase pace and distance
how to train straight, basic principles of training
Straight Training: Basic Principles
Many beginning athletes, following the advice of more "experienced" bodybuilders or doing strength training exclusively at their own discretion, make many trivial mistakes. This, unfortunately, applies not only to beginners, but also to bodybuilders who visit the gym for a long time. Many simply do not take into account the fundamental principles, which leads to a significant decrease in the pace of progress in building a relief, inflated body
workout after 50 years, bodybuilding age
Training after 50 years
Bodybuilding is of interest not only to young people, but also to those who celebrated a significant half-century anniversary. Of course, it’s useful for everyone to visit the gym, but with age you need to pay much more attention to your health. To preserve and maintain themselves in great physical shape, strengthen the body, improve tone, but at the same time not harm health, people after fifty years need a special technique .
the history and evolution of bodybuilding
Bodybuilding history
Ever since the days of the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, a beautiful body with well-developed muscles enjoyed special attention among sculptors and painters. The cult of physical perfection and a beautiful body was already supported by the well-known weight training exercises to strengthen physical strength and muscles
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When to take creatine
Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It serves to quickly provide muscles with energy. The body not only receives creatine with food, but also produces it on its own. Any meat and poultry is rich in creatine. Content 1 Benefits of Creatine 2 How to Take Creatine> 3 Best Time to Take Creatine 4 How to take Creatine Creatine benefits Creatine is one of the most effective and studied supplements currently on the market
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Perfect bodies: 38 photos of athletes from the Golden Age of bodybuilding
Nobody could imagine that what was happening at the Muscle Beach competitions on Venice Beach, California, in 1950 would make a real revolution in the world of bodybuilding. Decades later, this time will be called the golden era of bodybuilding . At that time, nutritional supplements were not as common as they are today, in bodybuilding there was more soul