what to eat for breakfast with proper nutrition to the bodybuilder
A healthy breakfast is the basis of good nutrition
Not all people treat breakfast with due attention. Some do not have time to have breakfast because of their employment and are limited to a cup of tea or coffee. Others suffer from a lack of appetite in the morning and force themselves to eat through force or do not eat breakfast at all. Without morning meals, the body does not receive the necessary energy for full activity during the day
bench back push-ups: a technique for performing which muscles work
Back push ups from the bench
Reverse push-ups from the bench to triceps is a common exercise. Many consider it to be a “newcomer” of the boards, but biomechanically it is a different movement. It includes the medial and lateral heads of the triceps. Exercise is often used as an auxiliary in strength sports, and even more often in fitness, because it is accessible to beginners, and can be used by fairly advanced people too. Ex
6-day training program from Arnold Schwarzenegger
6-day training program from Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger training program from his book "The Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding." Content 1 The first stage includes the main training program: 1.1 Exercises to do on Monday and Thursday: 1.2 Exercises to do on Tuesdays and Fridays: 1.3 Exercises to be performed on Wednesday and Saturday: 2 The second stage of exercises includes the main training program: 2
Do deadlifts need bodybuilding?  injury, increased waist
Do deadlifts need bodybuilding?
There are three main disciplines in powerlifting, among which deadlift occupies a special place. This basic exercise is designed to develop and strengthen your back. Its implementation allows you to use absolutely all muscle groups, and not just the dorsal ones. This exercise is good for powerlifters, but there is much debate about whether it is necessary to include it in the training program for bodybuilders
shrugs with a barbell: a technique for performing which muscles work
Shrugs with a barbell
Making barbell shrugs is good for everyone. Yes, even fitness young ladies and office workers. The latter - especially, because the movement improves cerebral circulation, makes you think faster and helps get rid of kyphotic posture. Yes, if you overdo it with scars, the neck will become visually shorter and thicker
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4 ways to quickly remove fat from your hands
After I was on a diet and doing sports, I managed to lose a few pounds. However, even after everything I did, there was one problem - excess fat in the arms. I really wanted to get rid of him, and so I started looking for special exercises that could help me with this. I did it, and now I want to share my experience with you
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How to sit on the twine - the best exercises
Twine is an acrobatic element. It is longitudinal, transverse and sagging. To sit on the twine you must have a desire and regular training. But how quickly you can achieve your goal is up to you. In this article we will consider: how to sit on the twine in the shortest possible period of time and get acquainted with the most effective set of stretching exercises