How to download a press at home? Exercises for girls and men

Men and women can easily bring their body into shape without leaving home. The main thing is to choose a set of exercises that will work as needed. From this article you will learn how to pump up the press for girls and men at home. Start training today, and in just a few weeks you will notice the result!


  • 1 Main advantages of a pumped-up press
  • 2 How to pump up girls at home
    • 2.1 Press exercises for girls
  • 3 How to pump up men at home
    • 3.1 Best exercises for men
  • 4 Conclusion

The main advantages of pumped up press

There is no woman who would not dream of a beautiful, flat tummy. Yes, and men want to have strong cubes, not a beer belly. Therefore, it is so important to regularly perform abdominal exercises. They will help you:

  • get a beautiful, pumped up body;
  • feel like a well-groomed person;
  • during exercise, endorphin is produced, which means they cheer you up;
  • for sure, others will notice your changed figure;
  • regular exercises train not only the body, but also willpower;
  • Exercises help build the muscle frame of the body.

During the exercise, the large abdominal muscles are trained, which forms a beautiful waist. True, we must not forget that exercise alone is not enough. Experienced trainers say that you need to start training a beautiful press in the kitchen. After all, if beautiful muscles are masked by a layer of fat, there is little sense from them. A better result will be achieved through a combination of diet and regular training.

It is important to remember that home workouts can be dangerous. If the exercise is performed incorrectly, one cannot avoid muscle sprains and even abdominal contusion. Therefore, it is important to do the exercises carefully and not to continue if you feel severe pain.

Also, one should not forget that male and female anatomy have a number of differences. Many exercises for the press are suitable only for men, but for women they can cause harm. Therefore, choose a training program with caution.

How to pump up girls at home

It is believed that a female figure should be fragile and elegant enough. Taking care of themselves, girls buy cosmetics and choose beautiful clothes. However, the outfit will not look properly if it hides a flabby stomach. Therefore, it is important to monitor the figure, especially if the age approaches 30. Regular exercises will help to avoid a sagging abdomen. Of course, it is important to work not only on the abdominal muscles, but also on the gluteal muscles, as well as the arms.

The abdominal press consists of several muscle groups. The most important of them are the rectus and oblique muscles. It is convenient to divide the rectus muscle into the lower and upper muscles, although in reality it is single.

Sagging tummy becomes the cause of insufficient training of the lower muscles of the press. In women, this muscle is weaker than in men: it is for this reason that girls often have a slightly rounded tummy. It is important for women to maintain the lower abs muscles in tone to avoid the appearance of a layer of fat in the abdomen.

At home it will be quite difficult to pump up the press until cubes appear on it. However, you can achieve a flat stomach.

The exercises described below are designed specifically for women. You can perform them at home. It is important to remember that before starting the workout, the muscles need to be warmed up. In addition, it is forbidden to download the press after a hearty dinner. It is advisable to train in a room where there are no drafts, otherwise you run the risk of catching a cold in your kidneys.

Press exercises for girls


Bend your knees, put your hands behind your head. Twist the body towards the knees. In this case, the back does not need to be kept even: slightly round it so that the stomach is loaded as much as possible. Repeat the exercise several times;

Leg Raise

Lie not your back, stretch your legs. Raise your legs slowly so that they form a right angle with the body. In this position, lock for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position. The exercise needs to be repeated several times. Regularly performing leg lifts, you can become the owner of the cubes in the press;


Lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head. In turn, touch the elbow of the opposite knee (right elbow-left knee and vice versa). At the same time, your legs should perform such movements as if you were pedaling an invisible bicycle;

Static exercise

Lie on your back and rest your elbows on the floor. At a slight angle, lift your legs off the floor, freeze in this position. You should feel your muscles tighten.

Performing exercises, it is very important not to strain. It is best to gradually increase the load, and not try to fulfill the double norm at a time. Such an approach will not only not allow you to get the desired result, but can also cause injury to the muscles of the abdominal press. First, do light exercises that will warm up the muscles, then move on to more complex ones.

How to pump up men at home

A handsome, well-groomed man should have a pumped up press. Six dice is the result of persistent and fairly long workouts. You can achieve this result by regularly visiting the gym. Can I press up to six dice at home?> Best exercises for men


This exercise is quite simple, but at the same time effective. To do this, lie down on the floor and bend your legs to your knees. Hands should be wound behind the head. Lift the body so that it touches your knees. After that, return to the lying position. Repeat the exercise 30-50 times;

- birch for abdominal muscles. Raise your legs at a 90 degree angle. Tear your shoulder blades off the floor and try to touch your feet with your fingertips. Freeze for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position. The legs should remain extended upwards throughout the exercise. After returning to the starting position, again begin to reach for your legs without pausing;


This exercise helps men to achieve a beautiful abs as well as women. A bicycle is considered one of the best exercises for abdominal muscles;

Lower Press Exercise

Tear your legs off the floor and straighten them. Lock in such a way that your legs are 15 centimeters from the floor. In this position, you should linger for 30-40 seconds. Lower your feet to the floor and take a break for 60 seconds. If you perform this exercise correctly, you should feel that the muscles of your abs are literally “burning” from tension.


Thanks to the exercises described above, as well as proper, balanced nutrition, you can quickly become the owner of a beautiful press that will become your pride. Each exercise is highly effective, and if performed in combination, the result will exceed all expectations.

Just a few months of home training - and you will find a pumped-up press. Get rid of excess fat and sagging belly, because they not only spoil the appearance, but also negatively affect your health. For example, scientists have proven that the more a person has a stomach, the higher the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. So, in order to live a long life, you should abandon fatty and fried foods and begin to monitor your body, paying special attention to the press. Yes, and a beautiful, pumped-up press improves self-esteem and self-confidence for both men and women better than working with a psychologist.

Do not delay the start of training: the sooner you start training, the faster you will notice the result. In addition, the beach season is just around the corner!